hello! welcome to the “about” page of my blog! here you can find out things about me!

to begin…

name: kerry
age: 18
gender: agender/non-binary

those are just the basics. now on to more interesting topics…

dream job: interior designer & photographer
favorite color: pastel blue
want to live: san diego or japan
pets: toby, a chiweenie, & gus, a mini aussie
favorite band/artist (atm): keane
height: 5’2″
camera i use: canon rebel t5i w/ 18-55 mm
relationship status: single
favorite video game: life is strange (i’ve only played the 1st episode, but i’ve watched all 5 on youtube. still want to play it myself, though)
likes: driving, music, photography, rom-com’s, sunsets, sunrises, traveling, my uke, camping, star gazing, video games, and internet friends
dislikes: shopping for long periods of time, too much sugar at once, homophobes, transphobes, #alllivesmatter people, green bananas, spiders, tile floors, screamo music, and pickles

and that’s that! if you want to know anything else about me, go ahead and click “contact” at the top of the page to send me a question, or if you just want to say hi!