it’s been a while. i kinda forgot i even had this blog. anyway, today is tuesday, april 18th, 2017. to start my day, i woke up around 11 o’clock, ate some honey nut cheerios for breakfast, and took a shower. then i went to the bank to deposit a check, went and got a haircut, and now i’m at the library. oh and i also got a coffee. just the usual, a vanilla soy latte. i’ve probably been drinking that same coffee for about 4 years now.

lately i’ve been getting out on my longboard and riding along the greenbelt which has been really nice. jack just got a longboard too so now i have someone to ride with. work has been pretty good. i got a raise which bumped me up to $8/hr so that’s pretty rad. i’m in my last quarter of high school. soon i’ll be graduating and i’ll be off to college. i’ve been accepted to the University of Idaho, which was where i wanted to go! i’m all set for housing, i’m registered for my classes for 1st semester, and i’ve been talking to my roommates, too. i’m pretty excited.

i think that’s about it. i’ll be posting some more of my photography here pretty soon so keep an eye out for that if you want.

thanks for reading and i’ll hopefully be back again sooner than later

– kerry x


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