today is september 26th, 2016. it’s been a couple of weeks since i last updated. i’ve been pretty busy with my new job and trying to get caught up in school since the end of the quarter is almost here. i got my first pay check yesterday! i was feeling pretty crappy about my job but now that i’ve gotten paid for my work i feel a bit better. now i can start putting some of that aside for college. i don’t know if i’d call anyone i’ve met at work my friend, but i’m really missing my 2 best friends from middle school/high school. all i want in the world is to give them a hug bc they give the best fricken hugs, well, at least one of them does. i just feel like they’re avoiding me though. i mean, i did leave public school for online school so i’ve only seen them once during the summer, but i think i’ll try to set something up so that i can see them again, bc i really miss them. i’ve been feeling pretty lonely lately, but i am really excited to go to washington for a week and see my grandparents again. they live right on the water and the view is so nice. i can’t wait to take some pics with my camera. new girl has given me life again. i’m so happy season 6 is finally airing, it feels like its been forever. well, not much else has been going on so i think i’ll end this here since it’s 12:35am. good night, friends

– kerry x


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