today is november 4th, 2017. it’s been quite a while since i’ve updated this blog, oops? college has been good so far. well, maybe a little less than good, i don’t know. it’s really hard for me to stay motivated and with the winter just right around the corner and that means lot’s of overcast sky’s. it’s definitely been affecting my mood overall. not to mention i had a panic attack during my portion of a group presentation. so i’ve been a little shaken up. i also have a couple things that i’m going to be turning in late because of my really bad habit of procrastinating. so that’s not fun. i’m also not going to be an interior design major anymore. i realized that it’s much more on a hobby of mine than something that i want to make a living doing. all i really want to do is just work in an office for a cool company that shares a lot my values and beliefs, make friends, be able to support myself, and be able to travel around the world and just enjoy life, ya know? so i’m looking into majoring in something business-related. another thing that’s been on my mind lately is whether or not i want to stay up here at UI. the only reason i wanted to apply here was because they offered interior design. now that i’m not majoring in that, i don’t know if i want to stay up here. i miss Boise more and more every single day. don’t get me wrong, i do really like it up here. i’ve met so many amazing people and i’ve already made so many memories, i just feel like it’s a little too much. I feel like I need to get better at managing my time instead of trying to by being thrown in to it. i’m really thinking about taking a year off after my freshman year is over to just take it easy for a while, save up my money, and give my brain a break for once. i already feel better just getting all of this out of my head. i keep forgetting i have this blog because i keep getting anxiety about all of the stuff i have to do and i just feel like i get overwhelmed too easily by it all. and now i feel kind of stuck here because i just got a job on campus. so that’s what’s been going on in my life at the moment. hopefully i’ll remember to post some more pictures i’ve taken and get some feelings out sooner than later.

– kerry x



it’s been a while. i kinda forgot i even had this blog. anyway, today is tuesday, april 18th, 2017. to start my day, i woke up around 11 o’clock, ate some honey nut cheerios for breakfast, and took a shower. then i went to the bank to deposit a check, went and got a haircut, and now i’m at the library. oh and i also got a coffee. just the usual, a vanilla soy latte. i’ve probably been drinking that same coffee for about 4 years now.

lately i’ve been getting out on my longboard and riding along the greenbelt which has been really nice. jack just got a longboard too so now i have someone to ride with. work has been pretty good. i got a raise which bumped me up to $8/hr so that’s pretty rad. i’m in my last quarter of high school. soon i’ll be graduating and i’ll be off to college. i’ve been accepted to the University of Idaho, which was where i wanted to go! i’m all set for housing, i’m registered for my classes for 1st semester, and i’ve been talking to my roommates, too. i’m pretty excited.

i think that’s about it. i’ll be posting some more of my photography here pretty soon so keep an eye out for that if you want.

thanks for reading and i’ll hopefully be back again sooner than later

– kerry x


today is september 26th, 2016. it’s been a couple of weeks since i last updated. i’ve been pretty busy with my new job and trying to get caught up in school since the end of the quarter is almost here. i got my first pay check yesterday! i was feeling pretty crappy about my job but now that i’ve gotten paid for my work i feel a bit better. now i can start putting some of that aside for college. i don’t know if i’d call anyone i’ve met at work my friend, but i’m really missing my 2 best friends from middle school/high school. all i want in the world is to give them a hug bc they give the best fricken hugs, well, at least one of them does. i just feel like they’re avoiding me though. i mean, i did leave public school for online school so i’ve only seen them once during the summer, but i think i’ll try to set something up so that i can see them again, bc i really miss them. i’ve been feeling pretty lonely lately, but i am really excited to go to washington for a week and see my grandparents again. they live right on the water and the view is so nice. i can’t wait to take some pics with my camera. new girl has given me life again. i’m so happy season 6 is finally airing, it feels like its been forever. well, not much else has been going on so i think i’ll end this here since it’s 12:35am. good night, friends

– kerry x


today is september 14th, 2016. i woke up at around 5 am with my whole right leg aching. so, i got up, went all the way downstairs, unintentionally sneaking past my parents, who were in the kitchen, to grab both “bed buddies”. they’re what my family calls those bead-filled, fabric sacks that you heat up in the microwave. after grabbing the bed buddies, i went back upstairs to say an unusually early “good morning”. i put the bed buddies in the microwave for a little more than 2 minutes, took 2 ibuprofen, waited for the timer to go off, then went back to bed to sleep for a couple more hours.

at 8 o’clock, my mom woke me up. i put on a sweater and my old cheer sweatpants and went downstairs for breakfast. i honestly can not remember what i had for breakfast. well, i had breakfast, then i hopped on my school computer, checked facebook for a little while, then got started with school. i began the school day with english, since i’ve been trying to get caught up for the past few days.

a few hours later, lunch came around. my wonderful mom offered to make lunch for me and recommended a toasted tuna sandwich, to which i said yes. after my mom got the sandwich on the stove, she went to go out and check if the mail had come yet. when she came back inside, a moth got in, and toby, who was waiting at the door, was completely set on capturing it. the moth would fly high up on the walls and toby would run on to the couch to will it to come closer to him. he would just stare at it as long as needed. it was very funny and very cute. after that, my mom went back to work and i went back to school. about 7 minutes later, my mom came back upstairs saying that she forgot about my sandwich. i had forgotten about it too, actually! the whole slice of bread was completely burnt so we trashed it and put another slice on and put it back on the stove. all was good again! i ate my sandwich after it was done, and went back to school.

at about 2:30, i got all caught up in english! i went upstairs to go hang out with my mom for a little bit and found toby on her bed all curled up and being cute. i sat on the bed with them and we talked for a little bit. we got toby howl by saying “i love you” in a more high-pitched, scooby doo way, which always does the trick. when 3:30 came around, my mom and i got ready to go to the mall to buy me some more black pants for my job. we bought a total of 3 pairs of pants from forever 21 and kohls, then went home to go eat dinner.

dinner was really good! we had some sort of beef that had been slow-cooked, along with chinese egg noodles and a little salad on the side. a little after we finished dinner, i decided i’d drive a little ways to go take some pictures of the sunset. it’s one of my favorite things. i got home a bit later and tried to take some pictures of the moon, i think the pics turned out ok. then, i saved all the pictures i’d taken on to my computer to make room on my sd card. while waiting for the pictures to save to my pc, i decided tonight would be a good night to make some cake in a cup. i also decided to double the recipe. after mixing all the ingredients, i stuck it in the microwave for a minute and a half, waited for the timer, took it out, and topped it with powdered sugar and rainbow sprinkles.

while enjoying my little personal cake, i got back in to my computer and decided to finally get this blog finished and ready. i customized a few things, created an “about” page, and provided links to my twitter and instagram. then, i started writing my first blog post, and here we are. now 12:30 am. i think i’ll be going to bed now. good night, friends.

– kerry x